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Like never before, humanity is on a relentless pursuit of wealth and abundance. In that process, many are burning themselves and their relationships down, being left with a life of toil and ill-health.

In this profound guide, Sujith has shared from the sages a radically different – yet simple – way to draw abundance into our lives. It starts with the recognition that the Universe is abundant, and It follows a set of laws in sharing that abundance. Once we understand these seven powerful laws and align ourselves with the Universe, we will experience a radical shift in our relationship to wealth and abundance.

Sujith - and many others before and after him - have applied these laws in their lives and seen abundance flow into their lives. Through his experiments, Sujith has freed himself from the incessant quest for abundance. Today he lives outside the concept of money.

This practical guide is filled with numerous examples, anecdotes and exercises. Use it as your daily companion to shape a life of effortless abundance.


Sujith Ravindran is often introduced as a contemporary mystic with his roots in the Indian Dharmic tradition. Sujith travels extensively, taking his teachings throughout the world. For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE.

Having studied & practiced for over forty years with renowned masters, Sujith uses storytelling and humour to convey his profound messages with simple clarity. He is the author of the bestseller ‘MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence’ – a.k.a. The Shiva Code – a book that captures the insights originating from a profound personal opening he experienced early in his life.

Sujith is the co-founder of BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL, a center aimed at developing new forms of leadership, and making human potential utilization an important focus for humanity. He assists leaders in business and politics expand consciousness and embody higher purpose. As a leading voice on Organizational Spirituality, Sujith is invited to speak and offer deep work within governments and political institutions, multinationals and business schools. He is also the author of THE BEING LEADER, where he studies the inner path that legendary leaders took to arrive at greatness.




Salud, mente y cuerpo
16 julio
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