The Complete Guide to the Shih-Poo: Finding, Raising, Training, Feeding, Socializing, and Loving Your New Shih-Poo Puppy

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The Complete Guide to the Shih-Poo is a comprehensive guide that will help new owners navigate the in's and out's of owning this unique and wonderful cross-breed.  Be prepared for everything you'll encounter throughout your Shih-Poo's life, from their first car ride home all the way until their senior years. We cover topics such as:
Which training methods are most effective for my Shih-Poo?How do I select the right Shih-Poo breeder or rescue?What do I need to do to puppy-proof my home?
Easily one of the most endearing dogs around, the Shih-Poo is a mix of the ancient, adorable Shih Tzu and the popular, friendly Toy Poodle. One look at this charming little dog, and you'll understand why it is called a "teddy bear dog." The combination of the two small breeds results in a friendly, loyal little pup that is just as happy doing tricks as he is cuddling up with you while you watch TV. The Complete Guide to the Shih-Poo covers all of the information essential to owning a Shih-Poo, including:
The history of the Shih-PooShih-Poo Temperament and PersonalityRescuing a Shih-PooPreparing your home for a small dogThe costs of owning a Shih-PooHouse-training your Shih-PooShih-Poos in the multi-pet householdThe most effective training methods for your Shih-PooTips for traveling with your sweet Shih-PooProper grooming techniques for the Shih-Poo coatShih-Poo-specific health and wellness information for all stages
Shih-Poos definitely have plenty of energy, but they are so small, that you can easily work off that energy without having to tire yourself out. Their size does mean they aren't a great breed to choose if you are looking for a dog to take on a long jog, and they will be happy to go hiking, camping, or just spending time exploring outside.

Despite their appearance, they are a sturdy breed. However, you will still need to monitor younger children interacting with them to make sure the kids are careful, but they are a good fit for every kind of family.

Odds are good that your dog is going to be an intelligent dog that could get bored easily. This means that you need to not only make sure you help your Shih-Poo gets enough exercise, but that he also gets adequate mental stimulation. As long as you are firm and consistent – and don't allow him to get away with anything because of that adorable look – a Shih-Poo can do a lot more than just the basics. If you want a dog that can do a whole series of tricks, the Shih-Poo fits the bill.

Grooming can take a bit of time because a Shih-Poo requires regular bathing and brushing. Fortunately, given its small stature, this won't be terribly time consuming. The face and ears require additional attention to keep them clean and stain free.

Although the Shih-Poo is a designer breed (meaning they are too new to have a standard), the average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. If you want an adorable, relatively easy-going dog, the Shih-Poo could be a perfect solution for your home.

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