The Gentleman & the Tramps

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Despondent and lonely after the death of his wife, helping tramps transforms his life and helps him find love again. Restorative justice is a tense game, but fun and satisfying, leading them to meet new exciting people and lifetime friends.I’d just shut off the mower and emptied the grass box for the last time when a car drew up. I looked up, as it stopped right outside our house. Funny that I already thought of it as “our” house. Out of the driver’s seat stepped a stunning petite brunette. I’m sure my eyes must have widened, but she was too polite to comment – or perhaps she was just used to it. Then I noticed the resemblance to Kate. But surely she was far too young to be Kate’s Gran? More like her Mum’s age, so it must be an aunt.I held out my hand. “You must be related to Kate? Pleased to meet you.”“Hello. Yes, I’m Kate’s Gran, Liz.”I must have looked startled, because she smiled as she continued.“Thank you so much for taking her in. I can’t believe what she’s been through and I’m devastated to have been out of contact when she needed me so badly. I came as soon as I got her message.”“I didn’t know she’d left a message. I ... er ... I’m James.” I think I must have been beet red and definitely tongue tied. I felt like I was attempting to ask my first girl for a dance. I couldn’t understand what the hell was happening to me. How I managed to make enough sense to offer her the facilities and show her through the house out to the back, I don’t know.The cooking was fun. The eating was fun. And somehow there was music, and Estelle and Kate were dancing. Liz wasn’t far behind, and I was enjoying watching them. Well mainly Liz if I was honest, and if I hadn’t kept my mouth shut I’m sure I would have been drooling. Her jeans looked as if they were painted on. She was slim, small breasted, tanned, and her auburn hair shimmered in the light. I couldn’t have told you what colour her eyes were; perhaps green; maybe blue? And the sinuous movements of the dance showed off her musculature in a way that was having a stiffening effect on me. Looking good for a woman of her age? Hell she looked spectacular for a woman half her age. In short, out of my league.Suddenly Estelle swept over to me and yanked me out of the chair. We danced as a four, or rather they danced and I wriggled, until the end of the song. As it ended, Estelle moved towards Kate and took her hands. They started dancing together, and I realised she had known that the next song was a slow one. She’d set me up. Was I pleased. Yes. Embarrassed. Certainly. Was I going to pass up this opportunity? Well, if I’d been the teenager I felt, yes. But I was ancient, which gives you a bit more gravitas. So was I going to pass up this opportunity? Hell no!I took Liz in my arms, she rested her shiny curls on my chest and sighed in contentment. I thought “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”Liz’s head came up, her eyes twinkling at me. “Well I’m enjoying it.”I blushed again. Just like being a teenager. “I can’t believe I said that out loud.” But her laugh was infectious. This time I was able to speak.“You are so out of my league, but I wasn’t going to pass up a heaven sent opportunity.” As I looked down at her, I was struck anew by her appearance. “God, you are so beautiful.” And quite naturally, I bent my head and brushed my lips over hers.

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Tess Dacre

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