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10 Sexy Stories of Hot Wives getting down and dirty. Ladies, it's time for some xxxtra naughty fun!


1. Sex in the Suburbs: The Real Housewives of Windsor County

"Sugar, what's the point of being in the suburbs if you're not going to f#*k a pool boy?"

Tiffany Marx, Vixens Socialite

Fiona has always wanted to be part of a high society clique. When Tiffany, the leader of a secret group of adulterers asks for Fiona to show her a home for sale, the frisky realtor sees her way in. When Dale, a hard bodied single stud is ready to close on his new house, Fiona finds her opportunity to join the exclusive group of cheaters.

2. A Cuckold Haunting

Todd and Karen have just purchased their dream home- a Queen Anne Victorian. After finding a spirit board while doing renovations, the married couple's curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to have a little fun. The harmless game unleashes a horny ghost that has more than haunting on his dirty mind. The charming spirit has other plans for the sexy wife this Halloween and he wants Todd to watch. Trick or Treat has just gotten naughtier.

3. Black Widow: Della’s Web

A stunning young woman with big aspirations finds a way out of her cowpoke town. She marries her High School sweetheart that is on his way to becoming a wealthy doctor in a big city. After an unexpected accident, The Black Widow is born. She uses her sexual skills and good looks to lure men into her web of death and then makes a large fortune on the life insurance policy. Can anyone stop the mastermind of a sick and twisted lady?

4. My Sex Slave

TJ and Pam are happily married but want to spice up their love life. After buying an array of toys for their personal pleasure the couple decides to step things up. Could this new found passion be their new aphrodisiac?

5. Flirting with Disaster

After a steamy sexual encounter with a dreamy muscular stud, Alexa can't get the tattooed beefcake to leave her alone. Find out what happens when the stalker comes knocking at the horny housewife's door and her hubby answers.

6. Sex, Money & Murder

A married couple named Rob & Kim believe they have the perfect idea for a scam. They found a way to make millions of dollars, all it will take is Kim's driving sexuality and an employee of a very rich company.

7. Internet Proposition: Making Ends Meet

Marty has found a way to help out during these financial troubles her husband and she are having. The sexual satisfaction is gone in their relationship and she wants to spice things up. Her husband losing hours of work has sent him into a rut.

To get the thrill back in her love life, Marty starts selling her worn panties online to local video game nerds without girlfriends. She posts a sexy picture on her page and receives client after client of comic book fanboys and old men wanting the connection to someone younger. She's making quite a profit.

Things get heated up when a handsome stud of a man falls for the sexy little lady with the sweet smelling panties. He makes her an offer, but is it too good to be true?

8. My Mrs. Claus

Will the tattooed Santa ever find his heavy metal Mrs. Claus?

9. Cuckold Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Claus are about to get extra dirty this year. After a honeymoon in Sin City, the newlyweds decide to spice up their sex life and put themselves on the naughty list. Find out what has Santa biting on the gag ball and the xxxtra delightful act that has the Mrs. in ecstasy.

10. Trailer Park Sex Party: New Year’s Eve Orgy

Come and see how the fine folks at Horny Toad's Trailer Park celebrate the New Year.

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