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Whistleblowers have become a new phenomenon these days yet so few know about what motivates them to gather classified information and publish online for the sake of transparency. The most notorious whistleblower has remained behind locked doors for more than five years yet so few have delved into the mind of this man who single-handedly held the world captive as he published document after document in a filthy display of double standards and deception. The world was allowed to witness this doublespeak and see precisely how governments work in order to ensure national security.
This new work from author Peter Higgins explores the mind of the whistleblower we all know yet don’t know. It is a risky piece - a ghost memoir - written from the perspective of the man himself. What is revealed to the reader is both the unwavering principles and idealism yet also the fragile spiritual predicament it puts him into. Is his idealism worth his incarceration and his restriction of freedoms? Does the world really need to know what governments do or is it better we don’t know? What is the end game for a publisher of classified documents?
The author of The Leaky Hourglass investigates the background of the world’s most famous whistleblower and explores how this background contributed to how his life unfolded and how it affected his lifelong obsession with transparency. Was it his history as a computer hacker that led his astray or did his time as Mendax - noble liar - give his the inspiration to further expose the real world that lies behind the smoke and mirrors of announcements and press releases?
If you are at all interested in this new form of reporting then you might find this work fascinating. Short and concise, this work offers an exciting glimpse into the mind of a man determined to follow his destiny no matter the cost. And if the reader enjoys this ghost memoir then they might enjoy the companion piece to this book titled PortalLeaks. Look for it here at Smashwords.

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9 diciembre
Peter Higgins

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