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Yuan-Du Chen, his original name was Xun Chen, also know as the Chinese Artist Luke Chen, born in March 1902 and died in December 1967. He was the rofessor of National Peking Arts College, the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Department of Fu Jen Catholic University, lecturer of Beijing Art Teachers College at the Central Academy of Arts, professor of Chinese Artists Association. 

Yuan-Du Chen was elected as Deputy Chairman of the Modern Painting Association and Executive Director of the Chinese Painting Research Commission. Before the reorganization of Department of Fine Arts in Fu Jen Catholic University in 1928, Yuan-Du Chen had been teaching students in Grade one, two and three particularly on Portraits Art. First grade, he taught about the Chronicles Painting Skills of the factions and tend to pay more attention to practice the use of pen and ink in order to understand the gist. Second grade, he taught how to use sophomore copying figures on masterpieces vividly. Third grade, he encouraged students to highlight their personal characters and play their artistic genius creatively. After the organization of Fine Art Department in Fu Jen Catholic University in Peking, Chen began to teach Art for third and fourth grade students and received a great achievement.

About one of the contributors of Bible: Luke is very concerned about Humility, the spirit of self-dedication. Being a doctor, Luke can achieve another secular career, but he chose to use his scientific skills to promote the early Christian Missionary. Luke has kept detailed records of the evangelistic message Jesus in the Bible in view of historic truth and records.

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1 octubre
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