The Weathermakers (Rebelutionaries Series: Book 1‪)‬

The Rebelutionaries, no. 1

Descripción editorial

*During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act -George Orwell*

Tonight’s six o’clock news headlines. Fear of global warming, UFO’s & an apocalypse in 2012 have gripped the world. But what if these crises were all manufactured? And E/M technology was being misused to create an illusion of climate change, alien invasions and provoke fear of the end of the age? What would you do if you were a scientist or a journalist and you wanted to expose the greatest hoax on earth?

Jake, Zac and Maya are three strangers destined to become close friends. Jake Lewis is an awkward teenage prodigy who’s mega-timid of women & tries to hide the fact that he’s brilliant. He’s going to the remote north-eastern Goldfields to participate in a geophysics workshop. Or so he thinks.

Professor Zac Canney has a passion for mentoring young scientists... answering teenagers’ questions about everything from sex to the origins of life. Zac has entered Western Australia from the U.S with a suitcase full of E/M weapon components. And he’s heading for the same outback region to try & prevent a catastrophe.

Maya Gregory is a vivacious photo journalist with a flair for sniffing out stories. She’s been sent to Laverton to cover a non-descript earthquake. Instead she’ll find a tangled web of deceit & a handful of people intent on saving the world. Falling in alongside them will change the course of her life. And theirs...

Paula Vince writes: “the timely message of The Weathermakers & its unique presentation is unlike anything I’ve come across before... Spiritual & metaphysical theories are woven together beautifully & brought into dialogue in natural and fascinating ways... I love the choice of quotes at the beginning of each chapter & all through the story. Excellent tension in the events at the end with a satisfying finish all round... At times I felt the story read like an interesting film script with its frequent & fluid movement from one scene to the next... I enjoyed the multi-layered relationships through the story, particularly Zac’s wise & relaxed dealings with the four young men under his leadership.”

The Weathermakers is set in contemporary Australia & has references to recent events worldwide & predicted future events. It's the first book in a series which encourages teens & young adults to be Rebelutionaries - to rebel against society’s low expectations of them, to attempt hard things & be leaders and planet-shapers.

Two hundred years ago it was the norm for young adults of 12 to be sea captains in command of their own ships & for 14 year olds to lead armies into battle, run family businesses or the family farm. Today’s zeitgeist limits young people and promotes the idea that doomsday is imminent. The media and Hollywood link catastrophic events to climate change. events like those in January 2011 - when flocks of dead birds and schools of dead fish were washed up world-wide - are sensationalized.

The series offers an alternative perspective on such events. A trail of hints are left for readers to follow up on. Gordon MacDonald really did write an article entitled, "How to wreck the environment." He described in detail how the military misuse of E/M technology was associated with sightings of fireballs; flocks of dead birds; schools of dead fish; unusual localized weather patterns; earth-tremors; failed electronics & UFO-like lights. And Laverton residents really did experience an earthquake which was preceded by a lingering fireball during the 1990’s when “anti-desertification” research was being undertaken (And it really did snow there when temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius were the norm for that time of year!)

*Wise as serpents; Harmless as doves* Hitler once said, “the masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one.” This series is penned to help prevent teens and young adults falling victim to any lies. Big or small.

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17 de abril
Beau Cornerstone

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