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In just one hour, you will discover “the seven actions” in order to think like a genius

Any problem can be solved by changing the mentality which created it.

This can be achieved by transforming internal dialogue — that is to say, the way in which we “talk to ourselves” —, which ends up reflecting in our experience of a new reality.

Since experiences adapt to thought, this eBook will help you identify the law of attraction, and to visualize and eliminate “automatic negative thoughts” so as to deactivate them. All this will be achieved by means of three simple questions.

In this eBook, you will find: how to be more creative and have better ideas, even for business; how to apply the law of attraction to your problems (the secret); learning how to use visualization to generate innovative ideas; a personal, self-coaching method to apply the keys described in the book about the secret.

This eBook contains 39 pages to awaken the dormant genius and creativity in you, so as to generate good ideas either in business or any other field.


“The seven actions:”

Invent your tomorrow with your thoughts from today

Create room in your mind for a new reality

Change your perception to change your experience

Renew your internal dialogue

Raise the vibration of your affirmations and beliefs

Sow seed thoughts and light up your personal success

Imagine the kind of life you wish for you now

“The seven actions:” the secret to creating new realities.

If some of your experiences are repeated, or if you feel blocked in some aspects of your life, this book will help you identify those mental patterns which are limiting you, and it will help you correct them so as to achieve peace and the desired internal satisfaction.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
12 de agosto
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