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A toxic person is defined as someone who is continually and persistently bad for you to be around. There is obviously a difference between a wilfully toxic individual (hereafter referred to as a Toxic) and a person who exhibits toxic behaviour.
Have you ever received a phone call and got that sixth sense that the person on the other end of the line is someone you would prefer not to have in your life?
Does the thought of someone who adds no value to your life makes you realise how obnoxious and vile their behaviour can be and that you’ll tolerate no more of it. You are now reaching the turning point, the point of no return.
The only ingredient missing is you taking action.
The longer you let them get away with their behaviour, the more intense it becomes and the more difficult it is to get rid of them. The danger exists so you need to act quickly and decisively.
This extensively researched book will help you with identifying, targeting and dealing with the Noxious Nine Toxic Types.
For example, you’ll learn about the Necrotic Narcissist, whose insistence on their own importance at the expense of yours can wear you down and leave you demoralised and disempowered by their continually wailing ‘me, me, me’ at the expense of ‘you’ mantra. Which leaves eight more Toxic Types for you to explore.
These people could be anyone you engage with. The common denominator is how they make you feel and if you really want their presence in your existence to continue. Remember, it’s your life and it’s your choice who you allow into it.
Do you want to waste any more time on toxic individuals? Maybe you should consider adopting a different and much more proactive strategy.
Why wait? Negotiate with them. If that possibility is exhausted, just root them out and eliminate them from your circle of people.
The objective of this book is to inform you how to identify the toxic individuals that contaminate your life. It outlines strategies for communicating your concerns to them and then describes the process for ejecting them from your life. Once you’ve done this, you free up vital energies for doing things that you want to do and no longer need to pay any attention to them.
It walks you through the twelve Zodiac signs and explores Moon signs (emotions), Mars signs (levels of aggression and likely triggers, self-centredness), Mercury signs (communication style and how the person processes information) and Venus sign (behaviour in romance including jealousy, controlling behaviour and jealousy). By studying this you get to know your enemy and know yourself.
The twelve Zodiac signs are mapped onto the Nine Toxic Types and the ten types of people most likely to become victims of Toxics. Toxic Sun Sign Relationships: How To Get Rid Of A Toxic Person Whatever Their Star Sign also covers how easy the twelve Zodiac signs find it to get rid of Toxics along with their likelihood of becoming victims of toxic behaviour or exhibiting it.
Comprehensive strategies are outlined for dealing with Toxics and eliminating them from your life. Also addressed is the contentious issue of whether or not you should don your military fatigues, tool up with your metaphorical weapons of choice, marshal your resources and engage in trench warfare with your Toxic adversary.
Once you are a Toxic-free zone, it’s important to ensure that you spend your time with the right people and ensure that another Toxic does not sneak into your life. So this book covers choosing the right friends and working out when one may go rogue and turn out to be Toxic.
Although Toxics are rarely a laughing matter, some of this information is presented in a humorous light, which helps you to enjoy, remember and act. It can also put things into perspective and helps you remember that there is a world that is much richer and more interesting than many of us think. This also helps put the Toxic in their rightful place – permanently out of your life.

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23 de junio
Lorna MacKinnon

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