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Desire, a spark, a decision made too fast, and a Las Vegas stripper is plunged into the depraved world of a psychopath. But is she the only target of his twisted desires?

Dark psychological thriller laced with steamy romance... 

"Twerk is a page-turning rollercoaster of a ride."

"Addictive and thoroughly entertaining, Twerk sizzles on every page! Think Fifty Shades meets Gone Girl."

A regular Sunday night in a Las Vegas stripper club is rocked when a local oddball dies mysteriously while having a private dance. 

Amber falls immediately in lust with the hot paramedic who arrives, and follows him outside, anticipating sizzling romance. But, her casual encounter quickly descends into a terrifying, twisted nightmare from which she is unable to escape. 

Five days later, and it's Lana's next shift at the strip club; she's a fly-in-fly-out dancer paying her way through law school - she's also Amber's best friend. 

Where is Amber? And what about the dead client? Was it an accident? Suicide? Or murder? 

Finding neither the police, nor the club are taking much interest, Lana conducts her own inquiries, even though she finds herself the victim of a social-media hate campaign and an ex-boyfriend who is sending her death threats. She's desperate to uncover the truth about the death, but the person she most needs to speak to is Amber, who has failed to show up for her shift yet again... 

Lana is thrust into a web of lies and deceptions she is determined to unravel, in which everyoneis a suspect. 

An addictively dark, psychological thriller laced with steamy romance, mystery, action and suspense, Twerk exposes the working lives of the Las Vegas dancer way beyond the glamor – the challenges, the rewards – and the risks. 

Misterio y suspense
7 de diciembre
HellBound Books Publishing LLC

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