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When Niel plays with Youme

he imagines that Youme is playing too.

Niel teaches him to walk.

Youme runs away, he hides

and he waits to see what will happen next…

Collection ‘Niel & his toys'

Daily stories of four endearing characters to accompany the children in their first readings!

The stories of ‘Niel & his toys' put four personages into play: Niel, a 4-year-old boy who encourages his two teddies to play: Youme, the loving little bear and Lucy, the coquette mona. But Vip also appears, a penguin drawn very surreal that has come out of a book about the world of penguins.

In most of the stories Niel proposes daily activities to his friends: go for a walk, make buildings, play with the ball, make a party, draw, clean ... and from here, the emotional expressions of the characters appear: jealousy, the need for a kiss before going to sleep, fear, anger, impatience or generosity before the arrival of a little brother … Whatever the theme and plot of the story, the illustrations represent the expression of the feelings and emotions that usually affect children of the first ages.

Pia Vilarrubias: author, illustrator and teacher

Pia Vilarrubias starts in the illustration in the early 1970s from a long stay in Geneva that allows her to expand her training at the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute. At the attached school, the "École Maternelle Maison des Petits", Pia comes into contact with the most innovative psycho-pedagogical currents of the moment. The thought of Jean Piaget will give her a new look on how to understand education and the profession of teacher. From that moment she unites his double vocation, as illustrator and pedagogue, to create a collection of short drawn stories. Illustrated books plenty of metaphors that allow connecting children and adults with the affectivity and daily situations of children. She has 50 stories published so far.

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