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Discover how you can be playing your first songs on your acoustic guitar by this time next week! 

Do you want to learn to play acoustic guitar? Do you want to have fun while doing so? Do you want to do so in a practical way, without all of the boring theory?

If only I had these kind of books when I was learning guitar.

Don’t get me wrong now, guitar is my greatest passion. However, it wasn’t always like that for me.

When I was learning, it was all about learning the boring stuff first: theory…chords…more theory…more chords.

Now, I’m not saying those things don’t have a place (I actually teach the essential chords inside). I’m just saying at first, playing guitar should be fun!

I saw so many people leave the classes I was attending and had so many friends just quit because it was "boring" and "not worth my time".

I don’t want the same fate for you, which is why I created a practical guide to learning to play acoustic guitar, with the focus on playing and having fun. 

So, it’s time to get started. Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

The only chords you need to know to be playing your first song within seven days (potentially even less) 
The easiest way to tune your guitar (An alien visiting Earth could do this!) 
Two principles and laws that will revolutionize how you practice forever 
Five tips every beginner should know if they want to fulfill their potential as a guitarist 
Why playing even five minutes every day is much more effective than one hour every week
How to set your playing goals and find a practice routine that suits your needs 
The bare essentials of musical notes and sheets so you can focus your time one the fun stuff!
One simple, yet wildly effective, strategy for shifting between chords as a complete newbie
And that is barely scratching the surface! 

So, if you wan an easy-to-follow and fun guide to learning how to play guitar, scroll up and click "Add to Cart". 

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Bryce Denton
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April 29