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Learn how to revitalize your life, fight inflammation, and enjoy delicious meals while restoring your healthy weight.

Explore and exploit the potential powers of favorite foods. Expedite holistic healing for your body, brain, brawn, and beauty! It’s a new year, so why not change those nasty habits. As the time-honored cliché advocates so aptly, you are what you eat! 

Chronic inflammation does not have to drag you down, sap your energy, or contribute to poor health any longer. Learn how to reverse chronic inflammation through simple dietary changes with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 80 Budget-Friendly Recipes & 21-Day Diet Plan Program.

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, you’re already familiar with excruciating symptoms such as pain and fatigue, as well as coexisting conditions, including autoimmune disorders and gut health problems. By following an anti-inflammatory diet, you can reverse the frustrating and often debilitating effects of inflammation but knowing where to start can be difficult.

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NCBI), inflammation can be attributed to just about every health condition and exemplifies the underlying basis for a significant number of diseases. Additionally, there’s an overwhelming amount of research that supports the use of an anti-inflammatory diet to foster the body’s natural healing process.

The handbook provides you with a variety of 80 inspiring and delectable anti-inflammatory recipes, categorized under breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. Let these easy-to-prepare recipes comprise your anti-inflammation daily meal plans.

Exciting as it could be, you will eventually have your moments of glory to formulate and concoct recipe variations. This episode is especially true as you get the hang of practicing the dietary program! There are some recipes to try! 

Bountiful Breakfasts

Fruity flaxseed breakfast bowl
Cinnamon and coco milk muffins with specially prepared sweet potato

Luscious Lunches

Spinach and spice salad with crumbled cheese
Creamy citrus combo

Delectable Dinner

Tasty Turkey baked balls
Chicken, corn and spinach sauté

Satisfying Snacks

Tangy turmeric flavored florets
Buttered banana chickpea cookies

Dessert Delights

Choco chia cherry cream
Chewy choco chip cookies

Sofia Flaim
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June 18
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