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This audiobook is about Reiki in the form in which this system works in the world today or for the “modern man”. For me, as an author, this book solves two problems. The first one is to systematize the information that I give at my seminars. These are included in this book, with the exception of those parts that are intended only for students with Reiki settings and should be kept secret from the rest. My second task is to try to reduce nonverbal information to the verbal level. This is the knowledge that comes to the Reiki masters and healers as they practice. 

Reiki is the oldest art of physical, spiritual, and mental healing through the transfer of energy through the hands. Reiki has one unique advantage. Reiki is a universal life energy. It knows no barriers, and it can do anything!

There are a huge number of alternative medicine methods that help to cope with a huge number of ailments without poisoning the body with all kinds of drugs. One such popular branch in oriental medicine is the treatment with Reiki technique.

Reiki is a type of oriental therapy in which treatment is carried out by touching the palms of the hands. The most understandable explanation of the principle of Reiki work may be a comparison of technology with work on the biofield in the esoteric practices of the West. The Reiki master essentially works on “holes” - holes in the patient’s biofield, suturing them with the omnipresent and invisible "ki" energy. 

Like all techniques of alternative medicine, Reiki is subjected to implacable criticism by scientists. For some time, the Christian church was more favorable to this method, but not so long ago, its attitude was replaced by an extremely negative one. 

However, alternative medicine research centers have enough evidence that Reiki procedures have a healing effect. If the use of conventional medicine is not excluded, then Reiki can be a good therapeutic supplement.

A few of the invaluable tips I explain to you in this audiobook are:

Why Reiki?
Reiki fundamentals
Reiki principles
Reiki symbols and their meanings
Teaching Reiki
Reiki and the path to enlightenment
Reiki self-tuning exercises
Steps to enhance your Reiki tuning with a specialized diet
Spiritual perfection and Reiki
Reiki practice 
Healing other people
Group healing
Steps to work with stones and crystals in Reiki

See you inside the book!

Religion & Spirituality
Katrina Medina
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April 6
Michela Russo