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If you are looking to develop a wider perspective of the world around you and form a more grounded, accurate opinion of what’s going on, then this audio box set is for you. The Better You Box Set: Summaries contains two concise and informative summaries of 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari and Factfulness by Hans Rosling. These two books provide dozens of light-bulb moments in our understanding of our surroundings, as we grapple to come to terms with a more connected world. 

Among the fear-mongering news articles to daily reports of death and destruction across the world, many of us are beginning to develop a distorted, one-sided view of what our world is truly like. Have you ever tried to make sense of our present-day world and worry about the threats it poses? Do you feel that new trends such as "fake news" will be the end of our society as we know it? Do you ever feel that you are ignoring the global news reports as you can’t bear to see how bad the world is? Then these summaries will help you understand what’s really going on across the globe and how it’s not all as bad as it seems. Drawing from two highly-appraised books that examine current global trends and the way they affect us, this box set of summaries presents new findings and perspectives of our world that go against the masses.

In this box set you will discover:

The role of the ‘fake news’ epidemic in our society and how it emphasizes the threat of terrorism
An examination of our present day world - and the main lessons we can learn from it
How to think clearly about the world and cut through the noise of the media
How to only carry opinions that you have well-supported and accurate facts about - and why this is important for your mental health
How we - citizens, journalists, and authority-figures - often get answers wrong when it comes to global trends - and how we can overcome this

If you want to have a wider perspective of the world that is grounded in facts and read alternative opinions about our society, then click the ‘buy now’ button to get started.?


David Margittai
hr min
November 27
Rob Farrington