Food Addiction Treatment for Overeating & Healthy Eating Guide on What to Eat Healthy (Unabridged‪)‬

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Food Addiction Treatment for Overeating & Healthy Eating Guide on What to Eat Healthy bundle.

Food Addiction Treatment for Overeating:

Millions of people are struggling with their healthy eating and lifestyle to help manage their weight. But what most people do not notice is the link between emotional craving and eating and unwanted weight. A part of your brain tells you that you need to eat a healthy meal but your craving is telling you to reach for the comfort food instead.

Chances are, you end up with the comfort food, but it is not for a lack of willpower or motivation! Food addiction leads to various health-related problems including being over-weight and other eating disorders.

Food addiction is a mental and physical issue that requires mental and physical treatment. Unlike other addictions, you cannot eliminate food from your daily behaviors as you can with smoking or alcohol. You need food to survive. This means you need to find a way to stop your cravings and eat less in a realistic way. 

You will find tips and techniques to help you understand your cravings, how to stop them, and ways to treat your food addiction. Enjoy the simple and easy-to-follow tables, lists, and guides as you choose healthy meals over unhealthy and your well-being over cravings.

This audiobook is designed to give you solutions to overeating in an inspiring and unique way!

Healthy Eating Guide on What to Eat Healthy:

We all eat. We all know that some foods are better for us than others, and we all know that the foods we crave are usually not the foods that are good for us!

This audiobook is all about putting nutrition and food science theory to use in your life. It will help you understand food and nutrition science, and guide you through making the years of research work for you and your health. 

This guide will help you create food rules to live by and make a diet plan that’s balanced, nutritious, and keeps you engaged. The audiobook will explain how to ditch the added sugars and enjoy the natural flavors of food, and help you set up a food plan for a balanced, unprocessed life. 

It also details the use of fasting in your diet, and explains how mindfulness and mental rest can help you reach your goals.

Best of all, it gives you a detailed, scientific reason why you should or should not have certain foods and drinks in your meal plan.

No more "because I said so" or "according to x blogger". Everything is backed by food and nutrition science, explained simply, and broken down to easily digestible bites.

That’s not to say the process is easy. You’re training your own mind to enjoy the taste of unsweetened, unprocessed, untainted foods, and that takes time and energy. Everything will be explained in positive, simple steps you can take to better your life.

Ryan Simpson, Skyler Morgan
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29 July
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