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Introducing how you can master scales and become the best guitarist you can be and how you can memorize the fretboard in just one day.

Scales can often be the most frustrating part of a guitarist's journey and learning the fretboard is no easy feat, either!

To start with, many guitarists cannot even name the note they just played, despite being awesome players. To me, this is a clear blind spot and learning the fretboard should be an essential part of any guitarist's journey. So, that explains the need for that.

And we all know how tough mastering scales can be, knowing what patterns to learn, actually making music out of these patterns. However, actually learning these scales can be the creative breakthrough one needs. Therefore, it’s clear to see the essential nature of this process!

So, what have I done to help?

Firstly, I’ve outlined exactly how you can learn the fretboard in just one day (or even less if you’re truly gifted) with a step-by-step approach that even an alien visiting Earth who knew nothing about guitars could easily follow.

In terms of scales, I have also developed a method to help you learn your first scale, and once you learn one, the rest of the scales are your oyster as the saying goes!

Here’s a sliver of what you’ll discover inside…

An exact method to mastering your very first scale and how to use the same formula to master all scales going forward!
How to create your very own fretboard map and use this to help you create awesome music!
Eleven-plus exercises to get you playing (and having fun) immediately
How to develop good practice habits that’ll supercharge your learning ability
Twenty-seven-plus fun exercises and tips to help maximize your results even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before!
The exact process to help you memorize the fretboard in 24 hours or less (Your peers will be impressed….)
And so much more!

So, if you want to master scales and memorize the fretboard while having fun at the same time, then scroll up and click "add to cart". 

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