Mark of the Apple: Chapter 4: [CODING HUMANS], Book 14 (Unabridged‪)‬

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The quarantine has finally been lifted and all the students are getting back on track with their courses. School is to resume on Wednesday. The alien visitor has been taken as nothing more than some probe from another race that likely existed hundreds of thousands of years ago. An interesting event but hardly anything worth prolonging.

Bzzzz - Ella pulls her phone out to read the new message as she gets out of bed. It is now, again, the first day of class and she hopes to get back on track with her calculus and tutoring.

News update - The Chick 2 entity finished building itself up to the same size as Chick 1 and is said to be able to speak any language with absolute precision.

Apparently, the data Chick 1 was absorbing, was to ensure the duplicate it leaves behind can properly communicate with us. Once the entity was completed, Chick 1 returned to the egg-shaped vessel, laid down in the center and melted into it vanishing the same way an ice cube dissolves in water. Then, the casing closed back over itself.

Without notice the device began to defy gravity as it floated and morphed into a long narrow pyramid shape. It then spun at speeds estimated to be close to that of light. The device shot up and burrowed through 25-feet of solid steel escaping the underground lab it was being examined in. It shot into the sky and cut through the atmosphere disappearing amongst the clouds, likely to never be seen again.

The location the object was being held in, is a top-secret military base dug deep underground. It is being speculated that this shelter had stayed intact during "The Slip", and holds a colony of people unbeknownst to the public. The location was given away when the alien device drilled through it and blasted into the sky. It is located outside of the original dome parameter in an area thought to have been left deserted where the "Fermi Lab" in Illinois had been. Reporters learned that Apple Corp had purchased the Fermi lab sometime before The Slip and converted it into a high-tech secret laboratory.

News reporters are waiting to hear back on what Chick 2 is saying to the scientists and if we can get a possible interview with the entity.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Patrick Sitter
hr min
23 October
JJtheTutor Publishing LLC