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Luckily for you, you just bumped into a book with three separate but still interrelated titles with topics such as these:

Title 1 - Phobias - those irrational fears that so many possess, but why do we have them, and what makes them so intense? What about manic depression - what causes that disorder? Also, what about Tourette's Syndrome? What's going on in its corner of neurological disorders? Let this book show you by discussing topics such as:

What are phobias?
What causes us to have them?
What is the difference between a fear and a phobia?
How are phobias classified?
What are some of the various physical and mental signs and symptoms of one?
Reasons for a phobia.
Basic vs. complex phobias.
What does manic depression cause?
The varying kinds of manic depression.
Signs and qualities of manic depression.
What can trigger it?
When should you ask for help?
The history of Tourette's Syndrome.
Some of the typical causes of Tourette's Syndrome.
How to detect Tourette's Syndrome.
The various manifestations of Tourette's Syndrome.
How to handle both it and the tics that come with it at home and at school.
The sociological and cultural elements of Tourette's Syndrome.

Using these subjects, plus a few others that lie within the confines of this book, you can begin to acquire the answers and natural treatments that you're looking for. 

Title 2 - Hallucinations. You're seeing and hearing things that aren't there, but did you know those aren't the only two kinds? Hallucinations can stem from any one of the five senses. You can smell something that isn't there, taste something you haven't eaten in months, or feel something that just isn't there. Learn even more about hallucinations, including natural treatments and ways to care for those who have them, by listening to this book.

Emotional resilience, what is it? Is it good or bad? How can I get it and make it stronger? Can anyone have emotional resilience? Does it affect kids differently? Find your answers here.

Bulimia - where girls eat a lot and then go puke it up so they can stay skinny, right? Not quite. In reality, the truth is much more complicated. Bulimia is an emotional eating disorder, usually due to low self-esteem stemming from being/thinking they're overweight. Learn the truth and clear away the lies surrounding this dangerous disorder.

Brain cancers are some of the worst cancers out there. They're something that we wish we could wish away into nonexistence, unfortunately, we cant. What we can do is learn to watch for the signs and about natural treatments.

Title 3 - Aphasia is a language disorder often brought on after a stroke that causes a loss of ability to understand or express speech. There are a number of different types of Aphasia, including Broca's and Wernicke's. In this book, you will find explanations for these types of aphasia, among others. It will also tell you who is at risk for aphasia. Learn about the various medications and treatments, both medical and natural.

Study the history, anatomy, and function of the organ within your brain known as the amygdala. Learn how the amygdala processes data from our senses and creates emotions. Find out about the various distinctions in the human amygdala based on sex.

Discover the physical signs of anorexia, as well as some of the qualities that come with it. Clear up some of the misunderstandings, and find out whether guys can be anorexic. Learn how to support and help those with anorexia.

Listen about the subconscious mind and how it is affected by the laws of attraction and vibration. Discover how to reprogram your subconscious to improve your life. Shed light on what testosterone actually is, what it can do, and how to increase it through diet.

This book covers all of this.

Science & Nature
Kevin Tromp
hr min
January 18
John Feisel c/o Hardcore Publish LLC