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You are about to discover how to get yourself to see meaningful change in all areas of life by putting a stop to the inhibiting and burdening procrastination tendencies, lack of self-discipline, negativity, and emotional weakness!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your relentless procrastination habits, poor self-discipline, negativity, and emotional or mental weakness?

Do you want to stop making wrong decisions in your life and letting negativity pull you back?

If you’ve answered yes, keep reading...

In life, it’s difficult to avoid the impulsive convenient urge to put off stuff and to miss out on important commitments. It’s equally difficult to avoid negative thoughts and feelings and overthinking at this day and age. But if that has been causing a constant overwhelming feeling, you are about to learn how to put an end to all that to turn your life around, for good! 

This four-in-one book has a simple goal, which is to teach you the right mind-set and habits you need to adopt in very simple steps to stop putting off things, to be more disciplined, have positive thoughts, boost your mental toughness, and achieve anything you desire in life.

If you have questions like:

Why does it feel so easy to put off stuff, think negatively, live a reckless life?
Why is it that the right habits seem so hard to build and what can you do about it?
How do you make the change you are working toward permanent in your life?

If you have these and other related questions, this four-in-one book is for you, so keep reading...

Here is a tiny fraction of what you will learn:

The surprising reason why most people procrastinate and how it starts
What causes procrastination and why people struggle to stop 
A reality check on how this self-sabotaging behavior is affecting your entire life
Twenty ways you can ditch procrastination for good
How Zen practices can improve your self-discipline
The universal rules of self-discipline
What to do when you are met with resistance or failure (or fear of failure)
Four essential self-discipline routines to incorporate into your everyday life (that do not take up an enormous amount of time) 
Where do our negative thoughts originate from?
The relationship between negative thinking and mental health, self-esteem, and trauma
Learning to deal with your own negative thinking
30 strategies to put a stop to your negativity 
The science behind overthinking
Relieving anxiety to reduce overthinking
Learning about ‘worry’ and its relationship with overthinking
Using mindfulness meditation to reduce overthinking
Improving emotional intelligence to better understand your emotions and thoughts
Improving self-discipline to beat overthinking and achieve your goals
And much more...

This book is full of exercises that are sure to bring an instant positive effect on your mind-set as well as thought patterns.

 And do you know what the best part is? The book doesn’t simply just tell you to do something - it gives you practical ways to implement each solution to ensure you experience sustainable change.

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John William Cantees
hr min
September 18
EB Digital Publisher Ltd