Starting a Business: The 5 Step Accelerator Blueprint: Marketing Blueprint to Sky Rocket Any Business and Accelerate Profits (Unabridged‪)‬

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About two-thirds of all businesses fail to make it to the 10-year mark. Why? Because they’ve failed to implement effective marketing strategies and tactics designed to make their businesses grow. And from the one-third that makes it, an even smaller percentage make large profits that cross the million-dollar-per-year mark—most don’t even come close.

Through the vigorous work I’ve done for clients through my marketing agency, I formulated a master blueprint that, when applied, would bring about accelerated growth and profits in the businesses we worked with. It’s called the Five Step Accelerator Blueprint.

The steps are:

Persona mapping
Brand exposure
Lead generation

In persona mapping, I’ll show you the key to attracting customers to your business and website instead of having to chase after them. Brand exposure is all about getting consumers to know you exist and what you stand for, so they’ll be able to find you. Lead generation is about getting consumers to take note of your products and services and persuading them to buy. In the step on retention, you get to learn the importance of community building and how that can drive existing customers to buy more. Then, the final step is about offering your customers more products and services, potentially at a higher price.

The audiobook breaks down each of these steps per chapter and shares detailed examples of what to do and/or how you can apply each concept in your business. Whether you’re an established business, just getting started, or still in the ideation phase, these are the five steps that will accelerate your business, bring you large amounts of profit, and save you hours of wasted time. No more throwing money at your problems on the latest “trick” that results in more damage.

Now, before writing this book, I took these steps and turned it into an online course, which has helped thousands of individuals share the same success of our agency clients. One of the students shared his success story, and I’ve used that to show you how you can apply these steps with a real-world example. No clutter, no confusing concepts—just the best digital marketing strategies that have been used year over year (regardless of the trends that come and go) and get me, my clients, and now my students, consistent results. For those who apply what they learn, chances are you’ll achieve great success. So, are you ready to accelerate your business?

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Matthew Biddulph
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14 April
J.D. Scales