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Sir Martin is a rich and ruthless Perth entrepreneur, who dies while celebrating with his admiring friends after making a load of money from a takeover bid. After Death dismisses him, he gets caught between the living world, where he can only exist in people’s thoughts of him and the void, which he describes as vast, empty and populated with apparitions and reject ghosts. This forces him to face a different view of the world. He’s shocked to find that thoughts of him are rare amongst the admiring friends. He ends up in the thoughts of people who didn’t praise him much when he was alive. In his will, he gave a brewery to his girlfriend, Cleo. This brewery is where he had hidden the paper trails that documented his shady deals, which he calls Bolas Buys. As artful as an orb-weaving spider, Cleo puts the people at the Brewery in their place, which, as Sir Martin planned, is effective in keeping the sharks that are circling his family’s wealth at bay. Despite this success, his daughter Boadie, and people in the Brewery try to undermine Cleo and her Machiavellian ways. To stop their misplaced idealism putting his fortune at risk, Sir Martin dangles his opinions into people’s consciousness, as if he is a bolas spider. In the end, his affection for Boadie and his determination to look after her shows he is not as ruthless as he makes out … But close.

Fiction & Literature
April 5
Kenneth Vickery

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