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Are you concerned about the disrespect that seems to be everywhere in our society today?

Does the increasing violence in our country bother you?

Do you know about the wide-spread bullying that’s going on that’s made even worse with social media?

Are you worried about the divisions among the American people?

Are you alarmed at the coarseness of our culture?

Do you fear that the world we’re leaving to our children is increasingly immoral and dangerous?

Research from Dr. Jean Twenge’s book, iGen, shows that this is the least religious generation in U.S. history, and that ¾ of young people do not accept the Bible as the Word of God.

Are you troubled that public schools have been forced to be God-Free zones, places where God has been banned?

Have you ever felt helpless as all references to God are being removed from public schools?

Did you know that studies (barna.org) have found that a person’s highest receptivity to the gospel occurs between the ages of 6 to 12?

Dr. Samuel Blumfeld, researcher and author of many best-selling books stated, “Because God and the teaching of the Bible is no longer a part of the curriculum, children no longer consider God important to life.”  How tragic! 

Have you ever wondered, “What can I do to help?”

• Do you want to make a huge difference in your children’s lives and that of their friends?

• Do you want them to start one school day a week with encouraging, positive songs and inspiring messages that God  loves them and has a plan for their lives?

• Do you want your children and others to have higher aspirations than just being “college and career ready?”

• Do you want your children and their friends to be strengthened in their walk with Christ?

• Do you want children to learn of many people from different walks of life who tell how they live out their faith in Christ in their schools and through their professions and occupations?

• Do you want to restore hope, truth, and purpose to public school children?

• Do you want more goodness and kindness to be demonstrated by children in public schools?

• Do you want to help stop the bullying going on in our schools?

• Do you want to help make eternity-altering decisions for America’s public and private school children?

• Do you want to be part of the answer to the problems our children and families are facing?  

We’ve got to do something and this is something we can do! We can start a Champions 4 Christ Club! 

What is a Champions for Christ Club?  And how will it make a difference in the lives of our children?

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November 1
Barbara Moore

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