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Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, or other mental health conditions rooted in out-of-control emotions?

Are you looking for a detailed program to combat your problems and don't want to rely on medications only?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, this guide was directly written for you.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and dialectical behavior therapy have become two of the most well-known and most effective remedies for all mental health conditions who are caused by cognitive distortions (depression, anxiety, panic, phobias...).

You can unlock a lot of potential by learning everything important about these therapies to finally regain your happiness and freedom from depression, anxiety...

This book includes:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and depression: the ultimate guide to overcome depression, panic attacks, improve your mental health to regain your happinessDialectical Behavior Therapy for anxiety cure: the ultimate guide to borderline personality disorder cure, treating panic, fear, worries and feel good again
In "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Dialectical Behavior Therapy" you'll discover:
What are the depression's symptom and pre-symptom and how to cure it;what is postpartum depression and the principal remedies;how you can help your friend or family parent with depression and regain their happiness;what are antidepressant and when use them;how to sleep better and cure your insomnia;how you can improve your mood with physical activity;how you can reduce your anxiety;the best borderline personality disorder treatments;what is dialectical behavior therapy and how it can help you
…and much, much more!

Can these books help me?

These books are specifically aimed at people with anxiety disorders and mild depressants, and their family members, who are interested in learning about their process and the strategies they can follow to promote their Recovery.

They can also be useful for healthy people who want to improve some skills of your daily life, promoting growth and personal maturation.

Health professionals would be facilitators of the material and would provide support, in this case, the action would go beyond the simple transmission of information.

These guides can be considered as single interventions or as a complement to the treatment facilitated by a therapist.

So if you want to finally get solve your emotional problem by improving your mental health, mindfulness, emotion regulation and treat depression, panic, phobias and negative thinking with the objective of regaining your happiness click "Add to Cart" now!

Health & Well-Being
9 September
Victor Lopez

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