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Many patients suffer from anxiety disorders and depression at the same time. Frequently, vague, undifferentiated diagnoses such as 'mixed anxiety and depression' or 'adjustment disorder' are used. Accordingly, the therapeutic procedure is also poorly differentiated. The aim of the book is to facilitate the precise diagnostic assessment and targeted treatment of anxiety disorders and depression.

For this purpose, the manifestation, the differential diagnosis and the cognitive-behavioral treatment of all seven anxiety disorders including unipolar depression are presented. The interweaving of anxiety and depression in their respective nuances and interactions can thus be diagnosed more precisely. Interstitial therapeutic building blocks such as confrontation, cognitive therapy and health behavior, which lead to therapeutic success in almost all disorders, are explained in detail and supplemented by disorder-specific procedures. Since the therapist-patient relationship has emerged in many studies as a particularly important, if not the most important, therapeutic variable, current findings are also presented.

In this book we will provide you with everything you need to know about cognitive behavioral therapy and the reasons why it has been considered one of the most effective treatments for certain emotional disorders. We will go through the basics and essentials of the beginner to understand before they can begin their treatments, as well as the various benefits of having them. Included are the various issues it is known to handle effectively, and the philosophy behind it.

Apart from that, we also offer introductions to the different techniques used in CBT. Many of these techniques are designed to address very specific problems, and that is one of the great benefits of CBT. It offers very focused treatments and sets concrete goals for the therapist and their clients to achieve. We immerse ourselves in the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behavior-how all three influence each other and how small changes can result in significant positive outcomes in our lives.

As you go through the book you will understand the process better and why CBT is the most proven method for successfully treating mental suffering.

Exactly what you learn:

The benefits of CBT
How to reprogram your brain to overcome mental suffering
To understand how your mind works
Different cognitive biases and how to be aware
How to use and maximize CBT tools
Challenging unhelpful, intrusive thoughts
As always bad habits break!
Other situations CBT exercises

And much more!

So grab this book today and start your journey to become completely free from depression, anxiety and phobias!

Health & Well-Being
8 September
Victor Lopez

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