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The CryprocurrencyRevolution Is Here!

Want to learn more about the super exciting cryptocurrency industryand how exactly to get involved? Maybe you just want a little background on some of the "hotter" optionsbeforeinvesting time and/or money or you just want to know the basics of what exactly a blockchain, cryptocurrency,or digital wallet is? Download this book and you'll learn many of the reasons for theexcitement and hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

I've provided the backgrounds on the major players among the cryptocurrenciesthemselves, as well as some of the mining software providers and the available digitalWallet companies. Learn howto start mining some of the hottest coins in minutes. Get a crashcourse on how to keep your accounts, emails, computers, and cryptocurrencies safewith some simple tips thatyou can immediately put to use. A lot of the information I've puttogether here is either hard to find or is so spread so far apart that it can takea full day just to find what you need, and another day just to ingest, digest, andunderstand all of the pertinent information.

Thousands, and more likely, millions of individuals and companies around the globewish they had taken these steps early in Bitcoin's history when they were less than$10 USDand now, thousands of people are looking for the next bigthing. You have the opportunity to join any one of several growing communities,and the potential appears to be quite high for the near future and for the longrun, at least for some of the current contenders. Not to mention, some of the newICOs. Download this bookand find out which cryptocurrencies have been around the longest, who has some ofthe best prospects, and who's the new kid on the block. I've decipheredthe basics you need to know to get started in whatever field you choose. Learn exactlywhat a block, block time, and blockchain are and how exactly they relate to thecryptocurrency market and what some of them have planned for the near future. Whohas plans to completely change their underlying protocols and who recently experienced'hard forks' to fix issues or settle community disputes? I've tried to cover asmuch of the basics that I could think of and I truly think you will find my book informative and worththe download.

With several of the cryptocurrencies showing continued growth asan investment and the broadening acceptance of the blockchain technology itself,educating yourself on the basics is a very wise move that everyone should make atthis point in time. Reading this book isn't guaranteed to make you the next 'bigwinner' in the cryptocurrency market or provide you with the solutions to everyquestion you have regarding the industry. But it will give you great insighton cryptocurrencies in general,what they can do, what you can do with them, and how exactly you can get startedon mining some of the available coins out there right now.

You Will Learn:
What Is Cryptocurrency?What Exactly Is a Blockchain?What Cryptocurrencies Are Available?How Do I Mine For "Free" Cryptocurrencies?What Are These Wallet Things?What is PoW and PoS?Terms and DefinitionsAnd More...

Computing & Internet
September 10
Christopher Blackburn

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