Cup of Death

Choose Your Own Adventure

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The original interactive children's gamebook series Choose Your Own Adventure has arrived to the iBookstore.  While you can't keep your finger in the pages of your tablet, the classic choice-driven stories starring YOU come to digital life with an interactive map that lets you know where you are in the book, and also gives you the option to go back and try a different path.

Cup of Death by Shannon Gilligan Japan is a country where they take their cultural pursuits seriously.  Your friend Kenichi calls and tells you that a tea ceremony bowl has been stolen from the Ura Senke School of Tea.  It's only when Kenichi's brother Takashi tells you how valuable the bowl might be on the black market that you begin to suspect more than a minor theft.

Your boring New Year's vacation is about to get a lot more interesting.  Your search for the tea bowl known as "Yukisoo" will take you all over Kyoto and beyond before you are done.  Or done in.  Good luck!

"I have to say, it is great. The transition to the digital medium works very well. Though I hadn’t read one of these books since I was a kid, the experience hadn’t deteriorated over time, and the new interactive features made turning pages much faster. Also, I didn’t accidentally see some of the other storylines." - Wired

"Print may be dying, but that doesn’t mean that its single greatest contribution can’t make the leap to digital with these Choose Your Own Adventure books on iBooks. True to their 1980s roots, these stories are still presented as books with links to other pages at critical decision points. However, there have been a few upgrades — such as a map to help guide your way." -

23 February
Chooseco LLC

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