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Once the sore throat and aching limbs of a cold begin, what you need is something that will quickly relieve the symptoms and get you back onto the road to recovery. Cayenne pepper is the very thing.

Although there are many over the counter products that claim to be able to do this, cayenne pepper is a natural product that has a huge healing benefit.

These healing properties have remained unknown to the majority of people, whilst those in the know have used them to their advantage for hundreds of years.

Learn how using this secret miracle cure will relieve the symptoms of a cold quickly and easily.

Miracle is not a word used lightly to describe the healing benefits of Cayenne Pepper.

This book describes in detail the usage and directions for each step to cure a sore throat, cold and cough.

For anyone wanting a more natural approach to recover from a cold or flu like symptoms then Cayenne Pepper should be at the top of your list.

In this book you will learn:

The different recipes and dosages to be taken for each stage of the cold.

The benefits and reasons why they help you . . .

. . . and, how often to use them.

The healing properties of this natural spice should not be taken lightly, its benefits go way beyond just relieving a cold or flu and these benefits are also listed in this book.

This is a GREAT little guide book for using Cayenne Pepper to relieve a cold.

This is what people have been saying about this book:

"I learned a lot about cayenne pepper. I was most interested in the benefits of cayenne beyond sore throats and colds."

"Really nice read, it is always nice to read about things that will cure you naturally instead of putting all these chemicals and dyes in our bodies-great read."

"This is a very informative e-book. I didn't know Cayenne had so many uses...I will definitely use this in the future."

"I never write reviews, but thought you'd appreciate knowing this remedy worked. I only purchased it because I had been battling for 24 hrs the first signs of a sore throat that was progressively getting worse. I was sceptical at first that I would even be able to drink this due to I don't like hot/spicy foods. I will admit the first 6 seconds of drinking this tea is like "whooooooopie"!!! I wouldn't say it's hot, just really wakes up your mouth!

But as soon as 1 hour after drinking, I barely even notice my sore throat. So in a nut shell, this does work. The book gives you a few recipes, the pros and cons and the break down of the how's and why's of cayenne.

In my humble opinion get it and try it, it really does work."

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March 23
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