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What's a receiving blanket used for? How many different types of strollers am I likely to get? Which one will I use the most? How do you know when to get a bottle ready? What in the world in Mylicon? Confused? I know I was. Once you live through it, it becomes second nature. I had the opportunity to write about it while it was fresh.When we were pregnant with our second child my brother called and asked me for a list of the stuff he'd needed when they had their first baby. As I started writing, I began to break the "stuff" into categories based on usage. But what's a list without the perspective added by experience? So this simple list grew to something more. As I compiled this information for my brother, I realized there were more than just “things” I needed to talk about. My wife and I had experiences my brothers was sure to have as well. I started adding information about situations, in addition to gear, and my list began to grow into a book. Being sensitive to the sequence of events to come, the section about preparation with information about doctors, the hospital, and giving birth appears before the one about stuff (a.k.a. Daddy Gear.)But after all that planning, your journey really begins with the birth of your child. How do you find a pediatrician? A baby sitter? So I added the third part of the book. It includes stories and lessons learned. The most important of which, to me, is "Laughter, Hugs, and Kisses." Daddy Gear passes on a wealth of information, from a new dad's point of view, that will help you prepare for your first baby.

May 2
Jed Gibson