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Yes. Depression is treatable. It’s not the end of your life as you may think. You can beat it. It’s a fight that you will win. And you’ll get your life back. And you life will be better than ever before. 

Do you think that you are alone? You are not. One in every eight women will develop depression at some point during her lifetime. Can you imagine? One out of eight! 1 out of 8! 

Depression is not always in your head. Depression can develop as a result of different neurochemical imbalances. These imbalances disrupt the pathways that regulate your mood. What causes the imbalance is usually a combination of many factors: life stress, environmental issues, toxicity, emotional history, biochemistry and genetics. 

This is what we are going to do here. Educate you so you know well who your enemy is. And then attack. Attack using multiple weapons. Weapons that have been scientifically proven to work. 

Whether you are taking prescription medication against depression or not, it’s fine. Medication can be helpful to your biochemistry. I took medication to fight depression myself. I couldn’t sleep for weeks. Urgent action was necessary. That’s perfectly fine. 

However, gradually, along with taking medication I realised that I needed to make an effort myself. No pill is a magic pill. A pill can help with the symptoms and give you an initial boost. Then, a woman needs to construct a plan one step at a time and change her mindset to lift herself up. 

This is not a 1000 pages medical guide on depression. It’s a straight-forward book written in simple language that you can finish in a couple of hours so you can instantly start taking action. Instant action. 

Remember, you will come out stronger after winning this battle. This battle was a blessing for me. It changed me completely as a person. It will change you too. You will become more honest to yourself. Honest decisions, honest friendships, honest life. Better life. 

Are you ready? Let’s do it. 


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26 August
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