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This book addresses challenges
and potential solutions surrounding the dramatic yearly increases in bandwidth
demand. The editors discuss the predicament surrounding current growth, which
is predicted to continue because of the proliferation of disruptive, high
bandwidth applications like video and cloud applications. They also discuss
that in addition to growth, traffic will become much more dynamic, both in time
and direction. The contributors show how large changes in traffic magnitude
during a 24-hour period can be observed, as day-time business users have very
different demands to evening-time residential customers, and how this plays
into addressing future challenges. In addition, they discuss potential
solutions for the issues surrounding situations where multiple content and
cloud service providers offer competing services, causing the traffic direction
to become more dynamic. The contributors discuss that although the WDM
transponder technology can be upgraded to 100Gb/s in the short to medium term, and
to 1Tb/s in the longer term, bandwidth-variable transponders that can adjust
their bandwidth quickly and under software control are needed. In addition,
they posit that by using a flexible grid the optical spectrum can be used in a
more flexible way. The book comprehensively addresses all these topics and aims
at providing a reference for the coming years for researchers, engineers, and
practitioners working in the field. Planning and algorithms for elastic optical
networks (EONs) are presented, including mathematical models and algorithms.

Discusses the evolution from WDM to flexible and the
new applications that EONs can support

Shows how in the data plane, transmission in EON will
cover the next generation of bandwidth variable transponders, novel
modulation formats, mitigation of impairments, and node architectures

Presents extensions to GMPLs and OpenFlow for EONS in
the control plane, extensions to GMPLS and OpenFlow for EONs, and the
concept of in-operation planning

Professional & Technical
13 June
Springer International Publishing

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