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Are you ready to watch your child thrive in life?

Would you like them to be more humble, more humane, and have more fortitude so they can succeed in life?

We all want the best for our children, but we can't just sit down and moralize life for them.

They need to experience it, and some of that can be done through reading about the journeys and hardships that other characters face in books.

In this beautifully illustrated 8 book boxed set, you will read stories that mean something, and that have characters who deal with real life situations,

but in a cute way that's age appropriate for your child. The absolute wonder and delight that comes from children

when you read to them is palpable, and so the lessons contained within become ingrained in a fun way, without ever having to lecture to them.

The books included in this seat are:

Elly Elephant's Trunk,Elly Elephant Gets Lost,Elly Elephant's First Day,Elly Elephant's New Brother

Daisy Dragon Goes To School,Daisy Dragon Learns To Fly,Daisy Dragon Visits Her Grandparents &Daisy Dragon Has A Cold

After reading and re-reading through the fun-filled pages of these 8 books, you will discover that your child is able to:

More Easily Learn New Skills,Try Harder,and Not Give Up As Easily,Develop Perseverance

Be More Understanding & able To Cope When They Are Sick

Embody A Deep Love And Appreciation For Family

Work Through Nervous Feelings

Create Coping Skills To Deal With Uncomfortable Situations

Be Present In The Moment &

Increase Their Self Confidence

Plus books are the perfect way to bond with your child and build an authentic connection that will last a lifetime.

It's a great way to give your child a head start on their academic education by exposing them to language,

and showing them that you also care. Studies have continuously proven that children who read books for

fun have improved grades later in life, and significantly improved brain development.

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19 October
TheHeirs Publishing company

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