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Ten men want to build a hunting cabin. Their hot wives come up with an idea to help them raise money—put on a show and sell tickets. Little do the men know, they will be the show—entered into a competition to be voted the best of five bride-and-groom couples. Half of them will be feminized and the other half grooms.

The story is told from the perspective of one of the hunting buddies, now a feminized husband, who realizes that feminization has given him unexpected power. His epiphany completes his transformation into someone with power and desires he’d never dreamt of.

As more and more people buy tickets to the event, the rewards of winning become greater—especially with all the new cravings and longings brought on by enforced chastity, feminization, and manipulative conditioning in their female-led relationships. Besides building the hunting cabin, the money from winning could totally transform one of them into an enticing, she-male slut—something they are learning to long for more and more every day.

The grooms busily and eagerly learn to take care of their hunting buddies as brides. The brides devotedly learn the pleasures of pleasing their grooms. The hot wives all passionately interview boyfriends to indulge themselves while the ten husbands in chastity watch.

Will the hunting cabin ever be built, or will it become entirely another type of vacation resort? Will the new brides ever want to be men again? How many boyfriends can the wives manage to choose?

Experience this x-rated tale of forced feminization where males in chastity are cuckolded and manipulated to become a bride or become a groom to their previous hunting buddies, while their wives have the time of their lives with other men. Forced crossdressing, and denial through male chastity, drive the feminized husbands to hunger for longer and harder things than they ever had wanted. Yearn for their rewards along with them and cheer them on as they all pursue newly found intense indulgences.

Look inside and start reading now. Immerse yourself in the sensations. Experience the power.

Fiction & Literature
August 2
Barbara Deloto

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