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Homo homini lupus ~ Man is wolf to man
Latin Proverb

Attention lovers of serious fantasy and science fiction. For your consideration, a fantasy/sci-fi epic that will take you to the boundaries of the galaxy, where good and evil battle it out on the physical and metaphysical planes

I, Human is an original, thought-provoking epic fantasy science fiction series. It incorporates elements of science fiction, action, adventure, epic fantasy, hard science fiction, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, paranormal, and humor. The series is for those who like to ponder interesting ideas and enjoy an epic story along the way.

Come on a quest of discovery and adventure as Captain Magnusson, Padre, Vlen, Astra, Ambassador Legari, and others onboard the star carrier Veda explore multi-dimensional worlds and alternate realities.

In part one, the epic starts at a slow pace, gaining momentum with each component added. Altogether, there are eighty-five chapters in the first volume, with the second volume beginning at part eight, chapter eighty-six.

In my fashion, I endeavor to create credible characters and their universe using a robust framework on which to mount exciting and compelling ideas.

This book and the others in the series are dedicated to people of goodwill, and all kindred spirits, past, present, and future.

Vito Veii

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 30
Vito Veii

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