Just One Year

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Publisher Description

Three young women leave home to move into a house together. Ronnie wants to become independent; she doesn’t always see herself as others see her, and sharing a room with stroppy little sister Rosie is doing her head in. She’s a secretary in a large Advertising Company; not very exciting but then Ronnie doesn’t exactly value herself, especially as she gets to know her housemates Anna and Clara, both in professional jobs. What she doesn’t expect is her life taking a huge tornado-like spiral into the stratosphere of achievement. First, she gets a lead part in the musical Chicago, and is then appointed Manager for a ground breaking project in her company. Things go from good to wow for Ronnie, but with the odd dip in the form of Lawrence; a colleague from sales, who is foisted on her as a number two. Lawrence tries his best to try to discredit her but then Ronnie takes most things in her stride……mostly!. And Clara……good, solid, sensible, gentle Clara who leaves home, not for any other reason than that she is swept along in the tide of her friends’ enthusiasm and well she has to leave home sometime, hasn’t she. So far, Clara has lived a happy sheltered life; as the adopted daughter of loving parents, she has never really wanted contact with her mother until the day she springs up from nowhere, with a fairly dubious reason for seeking out her long lost daughter. Can Clara find her way through the biggest crisis in her life? Which way will she go? Will she ever be assertive enough to walk an independent path? Anna – dark secretive Anna is scarred by being brought up by a bully of a father. Anna is quick to accept Ronnie and Clara’s invitation to move in with them. This is a new start and she leaves her career in nursing to become the lead singer of a rock band. But her boyfriend Greg, the self-professed leader of the band, progresses from the odd joint (or so he says) to harder drugs with booze chasers. Somehow Anna always manages to be around when his drug and drink fuelled moods become nasty. Can she help Greg or will the dream evaporate completely?

Fiction & Literature
22 May
Colette Smith