Live Like You're Dying: 20 Steps to Finding Happiness by Awakening Your Genius

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Live Like You're Dying, 20 Steps to Awaken Your Genius

Where are you in life? Are you happy? Are you successful? Or is life taking you for a spin and you feel like you are just along for the ride?

What if I could change your life by giving you a life planning workbook, 20 steps, that will set you up for unlimited success? Anything you want in your life can be plugged into this self help, self improvement, book to motivate you in ways you never dreamed possible.

Hi I'm Gregg and I have worked with thousands of clients. I am the match that you need to light a fire in your belly. I have sold over 200,000 best selling books. I have made men and women happier, and incredibly successful through these 20 steps!

I am going to change your life!

Let's take a journey together to a place where possibility and expansion are the default. Where no dream is too big, too audacious or too crazy. In this place, the world is your oyster and you live presently without issues of self-worth, questioning your actions or living in fear of the opinions of others.

The Perfect Day

Although inspiring, it can be overwhelming to envision a new life but have no idea how to begin, even if you've outlined the required steps.

Your goal and vision will get lost without adding the spark of action. Action is the proof we require to believe we can accomplish something unbelievable. Now, let me ask you, have you ever experienced one of those days that seemed absolutely perfect?

One of those days where:
You felt connected to your mission, purpose and careerYou had great connection with a significant other and the people in your lifeYou experienced higher energy, enthusiasm, life force and vitalityYou sensed you were in the zone, in a flow of invincibility,
almost like a super-hero
Like most people, these days are few and may come only a couple times a month or a few times a year – if ever. That's not enough to propel you toward your vision in any real way, shape or form. You need a system to make sure you felt this way at least once a day and accomplished an important task relative to the vision we detailed above.

I have your system!

We will;
Kick ass designing a vision for you with pinpoint accuracyEmbrace every day like it is our lastGet you up an hour earlier everyday (this is so cool)Design a plan A and get rid of any plan B! (you will see why)Keep a diary everyday (yes guys)Learn to love and take care of yourself
Then, I will have you do what I call Sunday Reflection. We look over our week and make adjustments. Imagine having a custom designed plan for you everyday of the week to set you up for unlimited success? No more bad habits and no more letting fate determine where you will be in life.

You determine your fate. Live Like You're Dying is the piece of your fate that has been missing!

What are you waiting for?  Change your life for the price of a Starbucks coffee! 

About Gregg

Gregg is Boston's top dating and life coach. He teaches women how to understand the male mind and find love by becoming a woman of value. He teaches men the same. Read ALL of his 25 Best Sellers!

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27 April
Gregg Michaelsen

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