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MURDER IN MIDDLEWYCH is Book #5 in Marilyn Clay's Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series. A carriage accident on the way up to London dictates that Miss Abbott, her maid, Tilda, and Juliette's gentleman friend, Mr. Sheridan, who has gallantly offered to escort the ladies up to Town following a horrific fortnight at Medley Park, are forced to stay the night at an inn in the Cotswold village of Middlewych. Tilda objects since "Ever'one knows Middlewych is full of witches!"

Sure enough, a Psychical Fair opens the very next day in Middlewych, hosted by Mrs. Crumble, leader of England's Society For The Study of Spectral Sightings & Ghostly Apparitions. When Mr. Sheridan makes the grim discovery of a village lass beaten to death upon the grounds, the authorities rush to judgment and charge the handsome stranger with the crime!

The tables have now turned, and while their carriage is being repaired, it is up to Miss Abbott to find a way to save Mr. Sheridan from the gallows!

MURDER IN MIDDLEWYCH, Book 5 in Marilyn Clay's Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series is full of unexpected twists and turns. This paranormal murder mystery featuring ghosts, a frightening séance, evil curses and spectral apparitions is sure to please!

"Marilyn Clay has produced another winner!  Miss Abbott is as confident, sensitive and perceptive as she was in Murder At Medley Park. Though this case gets more and more complicated, and everyone fears the killer may strike again, Juliette keeps her sense of humor and uses her perceptive intelligence to sort out the true culprit." – 5-star Reader Review.

If you enjoy Regency mysteries by Ashley Gardner, Stephanie Barron, Tasha Alexander, Alyssa Maxwell, and Adele Clee, you'll enjoy Marilyn Clay's traditional, clean, and always amusing Regency mysteries. Suitable for teen readers with no violence or strong language.

Previous titles in the Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series are MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR, MURDER IN MAYFAIR, MURDER IN MARGATE, and MURDER AT MEDLEY PARK.

MARILYN CLAY's historical romantic suspense novels, praised by The Library Journal and Booklist include: DECEPTIONS: A Colonial Jamestown Novel, originally published in hardcover. Catherine travels to the New World in search of her betrothed, but what she finds in Jamestown is not what she expects!

SECRETS AND LIES also published in hardcover and re-released in paperback and ebook as A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES features some of the same characters who appear in DECEPTIONS. The inspirational story of four young English girls who travel to the New World on a Bride Ship, all in search of love, a new life and the adventure of a lifetime. What they find instead is that someone in Jamestown wants one, or all of them, dead!

BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY. Set in 1776 Philadelphia, Betsy Ross determines to uncover who killed her beloved husband John Ross, but can she bring down the ruthless double spy before he kills again?

All of Marilyn Clay's non-fiction titles, and many of her Regencies have become online best sellers. 18th and 19th ENGLISH WOMEN AT SEA, HISTORY OF THE WATER CLOSET and three books on REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE made an online Top 100 Best Selling Ebooks List.

For additional information about author Marilyn Clay, visit her website at Marilyn Clay Author. Watch for MURDER  IN MAIDSTONE, #6 in the Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series, coming in 2019.

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October 4
Marilyn Clay

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