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While VERA ANDERSON, works for RDC (Research and Development Company) she also works on her PHD. With her associate, FRANK SABATINO, they work on a program to expand the WWN (World Wide Net) to tremendously increase WWN capacity. While Vera tests the program near a lake, something goes horribly wrong. She taps the enter key on her laptop and while she waits for the program to execute, her laptop becomes transparent and she disappears from the face of this earth. What happens to her? Slowly Vera recuperates. She looks around and she finds herself in strange surroundings. It is a hostile environment, smelling of ozone, it is damp and cold and she could not visit the toilet. Electronic charges are whizzing by her in various directions, terminating at a grid and then continue on a path into the unknown. Before she has an opportunity to figure out where she is, an electronic replica of her forms and it is void of all clothing. She tries to reach her double, but she couldnt because she floats in an anti-gravity like environment. She calls her double ELECTRA. Electra can speak and she helps Vera to orient herself. Vera asks where she is and to her bewilderment, Electra tells her that she is in Cyberspace. She needs help and Electra helps her to communicate with the real world, using her laptop. Because Vera and Frank work together on the program, they bring Frank into cyberspace with the same program and then they go to work on the grid. Electra decodes C-mail messages that terminate on the grid, before the grid boosts them to the recipient. This is where Vera and Frank find out that Dr. JENNIFER BARLOW, an employee of RDC commits espionage, sending company secret information to JIM WELLER, from NASA. Jim, in turn, sends this information to YURI GASMAN at the Kremlin in Moscow. Not only that, but Jennifers father, who works for NASA is also committing espionage, sending UFO information to the same source, by way of a drop-off point in an old barn. ABOT, an alien replica, also residing in cyberspace rewrites Veras program, allowing Vera and Frank to return to the real world. Based on an unfortunate accident, they now have a new tool to solve cyber crimes.
When Dr. ART DISBROW, CEO of RDC finds out that he has espionage activity in his midst, he was furious. He ordered RAY DOWNEY, his security officer to fix this mess. Ray and the NASA security chief, SKIP FERRELL, work up plans to eliminate the villains. One week later, they eliminate the scoundrels and no one knows who did it. The exception is IGOR BARLOW, Jennifers father. He went to jail.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 10
Xlibris US

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