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Seth, ancient Egyptian God of Deserts, Storms, and Earthquakes was in a damn foul mood. Being banished to earth, by his father Ra, just because he had a teeny tiny problem with Ra's so-called mates was not something he appreciated. Fortunately, he found men on earth with the same anger issues he had, and soon had an outlet for his rage. There was nothing more satisfying than cracking someone over the head. Until he saw the light.

Dr. Luka Sterling, ER doctor, just wanted to get home and wash off the sweat and misery he'd collected working a twelve-hour shift. When he saw a man bleeding in the parking lot, stumbling towards his car, he had no choice but to help - and got kidnapped for his troubles. Being dragged to a fighting ring, and told to "fix someone up" when the guy clearly needed a hospital was just the start of his problems. Rescued by someone claiming mate status, just made the day worse. Especially when the guy didn't like wolf shifters.

Secrets and past hurts are huge barriers to an HEA. When Osiris, then Horus come calling with hate in their hearts, one has to wonder if Seth and Luka will ever get a break, especially when Ra was still as distant as ever. A touch of babysitting, a demon dropping in at just the right time... have the Fates finally forgiven Seth or are they laughing at him?

Reconciliation: Seth's Story can be read as standalone, although you'll understand more subtext if you've read "When Three Points Collide" which is Ra's story first. Readers met Seth in that story and that book highlights Seth's actions that caused him to be banished in the first place.

This is an MM Paranormal Romance story, with all the usual warnings about coarse language, some violence, and intimate moments. This book has mpreg elements although they are not the focus of the plot. This is a tale about a god who has father issues, and the sweet wolf who turned his life around. Approximately 57,000 words.

Content for adults only. Please store your econtent responsibly, thank you.

Fiction & Literature
8 October
Lisa Oliver

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