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Three heart-warming short stories in one sizzling collection!

One Night in a Strange City (A His Hidden Love Extra)

When Gracia Verdi meets the members of K-pop band, Midnight Snow, at her brother's wedding,

she is immediately attracted to the extroverted Chul, the flamboyant singer.

When they hang out with her in New York City in the days following the wedding to do the tourist thing, Gracia realizes she has more in common with the quieter, eccentric Kyu, and as they spend time together, his kind and sensitive nature makes Gracia fall hard for him.

But Kyu is too shy to tell Gracia how he really feels, and when a jealous Chul teases him, he goes missing.

Wherever You Are (A Fire in the Blood Short Story)

Nick Stavos gazed out of the window of his family's private jet as it circled into its landing at the airport.

He hadn't been back to Greece for a few years now, and he hadn't wanted to come this time…

except he couldn't not come. His dad, his beloved Papa, Georgiou, was dying.

"Lung cancer, my boy," Georgiou had told him in a gentle, upbeat tone. "Both lungs. Comes to us all."

This Feeling (An All of Me extra story)

After widowhood and a disastrous, almost-fatal romance with a psychopath, coffeehouse owner Sarah Knowles has avoided romantic entanglements for the past few years, concentrating on herself and her business.

While her best friend and co-owner Tiger Rose is away in Paris with her husband, Lazlo, Sarah advertises for temporary help for the coffeehouse and is surprised when a young gorgeous Korean-American man, Jae, applies for the job.

Due to his experience, Sarah hires him and soon a mutual attraction begins to build between them—despite the fact that Sarah is a decade older. She resists the temptation to begin a romance with Jae but he soon makes it clear he is attracted to her.

Get your copy of this steamy collection! All stories include hot sensual romance with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ever after!

September 17
Ivy Wonder

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