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This book is the 5th and Final Part of ‘The Savage Jungle’ Series.
At the end of part four, Salina, Ester and Katy were snatched from the trading estate by Keith Douglas, the man that Salina, Jennifer and Jupe loathe with a vengeance. What are his plans for Salina? Will they involve freeing Jupe from her new life of slavery, or has he another agenda?
Jupe has been put to work deep in David Payne’s cobalt mine and the only way to gain her freedom is to replace her with a thrall of similar stature.
Captain Remy Kabera is left with egg on his face when his men were overpowered by Keith’s mercenaries. His commanding officer decides to give him one more chance to redeem himself. So, when Remy hears that Lily gunned down two men, he hotfoots it down to the village to investigate the incident.
The billionaire, Henry, is desperate to recover his lost diamond worth more than 50 million dollars, but he was a mere spectator when Keith stormed the estate and made off with Salina who he values as highly as the missing gemstone However, even with his limitless wealth, he is unable to make an impact on the situation after Salina was snatched from his grasp.
So, can Salina summon her undoubted skills and escape from Keith’s small army of mercenaries? Can the Captain and Henry track down Keith before he gets his hands on the valuable diamond? If Remy fails, he knows that he will be stripped of his rank for gross dereliction of duty.
To find out the answers to these questions and what becomes of the five enslaved young women, read on as all of the questions will be answered in this final, exciting part of ‘The Savage Jungle’ series. Because this book contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations it is only suitable for mature readers over the age of 18

Fiction & Literature
March 5
Amelia Stark

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