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"SECRETS AND LIES by Marilyn J. Clay is a terrific book! Four young women - Diana, Sallie Mae, Faith and Prudence come from England on a Bride Ship to marry colonists and help settle the New World. Each girl brings a secret. After surviving the terrible trip across the sea, they find life in the Jamestown colony is not what they dreamed. Reading SECRETS AND LIES is like stepping into history. Ms. Clay has done an incredible amount of research into the period, how it would look and smell and feel if you were truly in 1620s Jamestown. The romances are sweet, touching and period appropriate, and made me sigh in pure happiness. SECRETS AND LIES is the kind of book you want to get lost in and are sad when it's over. Thoroughly recommended."- J S May

"SECRETS AND LIES - This story is so real! It delineates the hardships of the people of the times and even greater hardships in a new land full of unexpected reward and grave disappointment. Sallie Mae is one of the strongest characters and deserves her ending. Prudence surprised me with what she did in a moment of weakness. Faith’s life was changed by the actions of her sister. Diana deserves her reward. And if you like books where the sleaziest character meets a comeuppance, this one is not contrived. It is as real as the history in the rest of the story. Some of the best historical fiction I’ve read. Marilyn Clay is an author to follow. Highly recommended." - M. Deal

"Stay alert, because this plot holds your attention until the very last page." - Once Upon A Romance

"Both the premise and plot of SECRETS AND LIES is unusual and intriguing. You won't want to put this historical suspense novel down! SECRETS AND LIES is a great read! Highly recommended." - World Cat

SECRETS AND LIES was originally published in hardcover by Five Star Gale Mysteries. (In Ebook as DANGEROUS SECRETS and A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES.) Rich with historical detail, fast-paced and brimming with unexpected twists and turns, SECRETS AND LIES will keep readers guessing until the final page.

SECRETS AND LIES is the newest historical suspense novel in Marilyn Clay's Jamestown series. As in all of her novels, accurate depiction of historical detail and showing readers "what life would have been like" during the time period she writes about is of paramount importance. The Jamestown colony springs to life and the shipboard experiences of the four young ladies evoke heartbreaking images. Marilyn Clay has skillfully crafted a riveting and compelling story!

Clay's Colonial American novels include BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY. In an attempt to uncover who killed her beloved husband, Betsy is caught up in a dangerous  underworld of spies and double-spies in this historical novel set in 1776 Philadelphia.

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November 19
Marilyn Clay

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