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Sometimes in order to win the race, you have to be willing to slow down.

You have to learn to go at God's pace. God can go as fast as He wants, He created the speed of light!

But that's usually not His selected pace in dealing with us.

He can work at the speed of light with us, when He chooses to! In your journey through life, how often are you willing to let go and let God, do things on His timing?

So often, we want to rush and do everything according to our will, that we're not willing to wait for God for the victory in our lives.

If you really want to see the greatest victory in your life, be willing to slow down and give everything to God according to His timing.

Yes, you'll see other people pass by you quickly. You will feel like you are going slow.

But when you do this, you are giving God the opportunity to establish the victory. He is able to take you much higher than you ever dreamed of when you sync your life to His pace.

The thing about those people that were flying past you...

God may put you in a situation where He rockets you past them at a later stage. This isn't about competition.

This is just how God works.

The world's way is the opposite.

The world's way is about crossing the finish line first, then rushing and crossing another finish line first over and over again.

That's the goal.

It's understandable!

There are a lot of great things you can do when you're always finishing first.

You can help a lot of people.

Be a great provider.

But that's not all the race is about. God has a higher purpose for every detail of your life.

When you allow Him to co-architect your life with you, you will then see the higher purpose.

God can use the mistakes, failures, and pain for a higher purpose. A greater plan. A greater victory. The quick victories don't mean as much.

Learn to do things on God's timing and you get to receive the victory in the Spirit.

A victory won in the Spirit is much more gratifying than in the flesh. You get to celebrate the victory won in the Spirit with God! It means more, because He was a part of it. It's going to have a greater impact on people's lives.

You and God are a team!

Whenever you are tempted to rush or get out of God's will, consider slowing down and getting on His pace.

This doesn't mean you don't ever get to go fast.

When you live your life in His will, He has the ability to turbo you into light speed when He wants to.

Slow down to speed UP.

Wait for the miracle.

God's Masterpiece.

Win the race of faith.

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July 24
Eric Gadlage

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