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The financially uninformed are vulnerable and prone to manipulation and abuse by those they have trusted with their financial affairs, whose intentions are to keep them in the dark. It is as a result of this ignorance that most aspiring investors, entrepreneurs and small business owners are unable to make their hard earned income work for them when they have the opportunity to do so.

In today's fast-paced economic changes, it is becoming extremely difficult for those who are financially illiterate to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of finances. Fear not: this ingenious financial skills guide is just the thing to help sharpen your financial skills and improve your financial aptitude to comprehend and survive financial challenges.

"So, you Want to Remain Poor?" is designed to challenge our mental framework and thought processes regarding money issues and to help improve your basic financial skills necessary to succeed in this challenging world of finances.

The highlighted skills in this book build off simple, basic concepts that any reading person can understand and master, helping readers to build strong financial foundation, gain confidence in accumulating and managing their finances, and ultimately reach their full financial potential. The lack of knowledge results in risks that deprive the aspiring investors, entrepreneurs and small business owners the opportunity to maximize returns on their investment. This insight about the know-how can only add to the aspiring investor's benevolence in the economic system and assist them in their quest for financial freedom.

"So, you Want to Remain Poor?" is intended to provide those who want to improve their financial status by understanding the basics of accounting as the economic language they need to understand in their pursuit of financial health. Expertise on accounting falls outside the scope of this book. The aim of the book is to capacitate readers in their pursuit of wealth creation to have the basics enabling them to read, understand, analyse, and interpret financial activities and economic trends. "So, you Want to Remain Poor?" is intended to provide readers with the foundation upon which they can begin to build knowledge regarding wealth creation. This ability allows readers to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses in the companies they may wish to invest in. 

"So, you Want to Remain Poor?" is intended to be an eye opener and an enabler for readers to understand the basic requirements for bridging the divide between financial illiteracy and financial literacy. Financial understanding is the mental process through which we solve our financial problems. Financial literacy is not only about making money but more about the ability to keep it after making it.

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July 4
JB Malatji

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