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​Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini | Book Summary | Readtrepreneur
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Do you have difficulty getting people to comply with your requests? Do you wish you had more influence? Congratulations if you are reading this right now. Influence discusses the weapons of influence used by many compliance professionals that never fail to make you say "Yes", and explores the science behind persuasion, why humans behave in the way that we do. It will not only teach you how to be a better persuader but also how to defend yourself against the persuasive efforts of others.
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"Our best evidence of what people truly feel and believe comes less from their words than from their deeds" – Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini found himself always saying yes to other people's requests and this led him to research about compliance which ultimately led to the birth of this best-selling book that explores the psychology behind persuading people. Influence could be your game changer. Grasp the know-hows of persuasion and learn how to defend yourself against it with the six key principles of influence.

P.S. Influence will open your eyes to the many tactics and tools used by compliance professionals which you will immediately recognize and learn how to protect yourself against them, or even become a compliance professional yourself.

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