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The challenges and difficulties with which we meet in life are never intended to make us bitter but better people. Adversity strengthens our souls. Resentment and bitterness can only blur one's vision of the future. Parents, more especially fathers must be empowered to effectively carry out their God given responsibilities of loving, caring, guiding, and protecting their families.

Mothupi's contended peaceful life was thrown upside down when his father, mother, and sisters were brutally murdered by a mob in Komati village. He was the only family member who survived the onslaught. Mothupi's father who also had to flee his village at an early age under painful circumstances was his coach, mentor and role model.

At only 16 years old and without any mortal guidance, Mothupi had to make decisions that would affect and map out his entire life. It was a painful, difficult and challenging journey for a teenage boy who had never ventured out of the comfort of his protected and loving environment. He learned early in his life that when you want something so bad, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. All the experiences with which he met in life has taught him valuable lessons – discovering his reason for being, the importance of following and living his dream, and that though the vision may tarry to manifest it will surely come to pass.

"The Adventures of Mothupi" touches on life's real challenges which readers can relate to regardless of their background. The book can easily be mistaken for a children's book but offers many valuable lessons that even adults can benefit from. 

Young Adult
July 2
JB Malatji

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