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Harvey and Alli continue with their investigations, as another serial killer remains at large. With additional hybrids to aid them in their quest, they endeavour to seek out a deranged killer who lures his male victims, before operating on them. As a unit of hybrids, their suspicions of the man at large leads them to an unnerving theory, one that will require all their integrity if they are to end the ominous spree of mutilations. Andrew Harding continues the hybrid series with his second novel: Critical Moments. His compelling tale will take the reader to another world of eroticism and the murderous exploits of a disturbed mind, as the sequel to The Hybrid Series: Split Decision takes on another unsettling turn of events. This book contains descriptions of scenes of an explicit sexual nature which are suitable for adults only. The contents are not suitable for readers under the age of 18 years of age.

Travelling the world and hunting out antiques has given Andrew Harding a broad insight into the unraveling of the human mind. His fascination with the paranormal, supernatural and also crime have inspired him to cross boundaries and write this series of books. The people who have crossed his path have covered such a broad spectrum that he's realized that anything is possible, and that there are no barriers to the depravity that could be hidden beneath the surface.

Fiction & Literature
20 August
Andrew Harding

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