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Four full-length, standalone, contemporary romance novels set in the same quirky Highland town. 

Book 1 - Lingerie Wars

An ex-SAS solder. An ex-lingerie model. Two competing underwear shops in one small highland town. As Lake Benson and Kirsty Campbell fight their burning attraction for each other to become the last shop standing, they learn that there's something more important than coming out on top.  

Book 2 - Goody Two Shoes

An arranged marriage Hollywood style. American singer, Josh McInnes, is fed up with vapid starlets and wants to settle down. Although he's spent a lifetime singing about love, he doesn't believe it exists, so he opts for a business marriage instead of romance. Unfortunately for him, Caroline Patterson, the small town librarian he's picked to be his wife, has a secret yearning for a happy ever after and all the romance that would entail.

Book 3 - Magenta Mine

Billionaire computer whizz, Harry Boyle, goes back home to Invertary to woo his childhood crush—and it isn't going as smoothly as he'd planned. Magenta has a shameful secret and the last thing she wants is super-brain Harry to find out what it is. In fact, it's better for both of them if Magenta puts a stop to their romance, before it even has a chance to start. 

Book 4 - Calamity Jena

When Atlantic City go-go dancer, Jena, finds her boyfriend balls deep in a stripper called Candy, she does the only thing she can—she drinks a bottle of tequila and buys a house off the internet. A house in Scotland. When Jena turns up to claim her new home, and new life, she finds out why you shouldn't shop while drunk—the house is a dump. As takes a crash course in DIY to fix it up, her wannabe mobster ex-boyfriend follows her to Scotland and demands she return with him. Lucky for Jena, Officer Matt Donaldson is on hand to deal with her ex--and to keep the accident prone woman from destroying the town. 

January 21
Janet elizabeth henderson

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