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The “Hedo Complex” is a place where everyone shares…

Chris and Megan’s marriage takes an interesting turn when they buy their first apartment in a strictly adult only apartment complex. It’s there they meet a sexy older European couple. Pierre and Monica seduce them into an exciting new lifestyle.

Megan begins her journey into a world of bulls, cuckolds, toys, femdom, and much more. Chris must confront his jealousies and the realization that his wife will never be the same.

Everything started to slow down and I felt the atmosphere thicken. I saw Chris try to avert his eyes, trying not to stare at the largest set of breasts he had probably ever seen. Meanwhile, the very small pair of speedos, and the outline of Pierre’s barely constrained cock had me hypnotized.

The snugness of his swimsuit clearly traced the outline of a large, flaccid bulge. It was both impressive, and almost scary, how far his bulge stuck out, and how far it stretched across his groin. With perfect clarity, I could see the outline of his cock through his speedos, pushing and straining against the thin spandex.

I dragged my eyes away and looked up at him, meeting his dark brown eyes. I turned my own eyes, almost quickly to keep my feelings to myself. A small smile played at the corners of his mouth, as if he sensed what was happening inside me. I felt my stomach contract from pure lust and desire, a thread connected everything in my lower body, a thread he was pulling at his leisure.

It was more a feeling than actually seeing it - his eyes slowly traced a line from my toes to my lips. I moved slightly on the spot and tried to cross my legs in a feeble attempt to cover the wet spot that was developing in my bikini bottoms.

Fiction & Literature
July 23
Phoenix Rising Publishing

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