The New Laws of Spirit

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The time has come in the history of man to reflect upon our evolution as a species. We have lived on the planet Earth for thousands of years. We have grown into a species that is devoid of spiritual awareness and cognition. There is a time in the course of all evolution that calls for a higher order of being. Now is such a time for the population known as man. We have reached a point of evolution that demands a higher level of awareness in our actions and our consciousness. A Great Spirit of leadership is lacking in our world. We are all searching for the lost truth within our lives. If we turn our attention inward, we will each know with certainty that it is time for a new phase of our evolution --- the era of spiritual enlightenment.

In all of the great spiritual leaders throughout history, there burned a bright light. This divine spark allowed the glow from the light of God to shine forth from their eyes. We have lost this divine spark. Our eyes are not shining with the divine light of Spirit. How can we re-capture this light and allow our true divinity to shine forth? There is a call for all of mankind to unite and combine his intention in the glory of one Great Spirit, the one God of all humanity.

To make this shift and move through a transformation, we must embrace one set of universal spiritual truths. A new set of old laws that inculcate our beings with the love and light of God. These new laws are universal and simple. They are applicable to all men regardless of race, religion, color or age. The boundaries that man has established around himself, his home, his work and his nation must be melted with the love of God. We are one people inhabiting one Earth. It is in this Oneness that we shall find our salvation to continue as a species on this Earth.

We are all aware of our current state of madness at the start of this new millennium. We have lost the love of ourselves and others. We have forgotten our responsibility to help our fellow man. We feel separate from each other. We think we are better than our neighbor. We acquiesce to the economic pressures of owning more, and yet we love less. Now is the time for all people on our Earth to come together and rejoin in our one true heritage. The Spirit of God flows through all men. The New Laws of Spirit will bring us back together as a family united under the one roof of God. No matter what name we give to the Great Spirit that resides within each one of us, the time is now to acknowledge that we have issues to face together. We all need to step forward and give our best efforts to regain the lost consciousness of our times.

To begin our journey towards a spiritual unification of all people, we will move forward together as we share the New Laws of Spirit. This time in history demands new laws that are inclusive of all people. The New Laws of Spirit are required to make us aware, once again, of the divinity within and around us each moment of each day. The new laws will evolutionarily move humanity towards a time where hope and joy are the laughter of our day. We must embrace our essence and allow it to flow to all the people around us. There is a need to help all people on Earth as we begin a new dimension in the evolution of mankind.

Join me as we explore the New Laws of Spirit. These new laws will lead us forth in a unified field towards the bright light glowing from the potential radiance of all people. They will move us away from the current path that leads to darkness at the end of a narrow-minded tunnel.

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9 July
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